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Donate a Memory forms part of the Fight Dementia Campaign and gives you the opportunity to share and re-live your memories. Doing so reminds us why it's important to invest in research today for a world without dementia tomorrow.


By donating a memory and making a small contribution, you're supporting the Alzheimer’s Australia Dementia Research Foundation, which funds Australia's best and brightest researchers who are working hard to create a dementia-free future.


Cliff Richard's memory: While I was performing "Heathcliff" I grew a beard for the part.

During this time, my sister Joan and I took my mum out to lunch.  I arrived and she had no idea who I was until I lifted my napkin and covered my beard.  She looked at me surprised and asked me " How did you do that?  You look just like 'that Cliff Richard'.

Ita's memory: Becoming a grandmother is as wonderful as everyone told me it would be and cuddling, playing and laughing with my grandchildren are memories I’ll always cherish. I’m deeply saddened by the fact that dementia has stolen – and will steal – special memories so many Australians have of much-loved family members. Help us work towards a World Without Dementia by setting up your own fundraising page with your favourite memory. Or you could donate to my site or someone else’s.
Sonya's memory: The memory I've chosen to donate is the day Steve and I were married. It was a beautiful sunny day. We gathered with our 4 children, down on our favourite beach and had a very private, heartfelt ceremony...About 3 months later Steve's health began to suffer. We never would have imagined that that was the beginning of a 3 year journey of drs and tests. Steve's health only got worse and I gave up work to care for him fulltime. Earlier this year at the age of 42 Steve was diagnosed with early onset Lewy body dementia...

Mary-Anne's memory: My beautiful mother, Elizabeth has Alzheimer's. A cruel disease that knows no boundaries. It does not discriminate. I am donating a memory to work towards a World Without Dementia. Please help me raise funds to find a cure.


Kate's memory: My recent 30th birthday was my favourite memory in my life so far as I got to see my Dad have one of the best nights where he laughed and danced like he had no trouble's in the world, despite some recent health worries. His positivity and strength amaze me each and every day and I am so proud to be his daughter...Please support this important cause and help this campagne raise much needed funds into vital research. Every cent counts!!! Thankyou xxx
Mandy's memory: My year abroad, spending four months working at Huka Lodge in Taupo, New Zealand, four months around the world from Thailand, to Germany, to working in the Greek Islands, to a road trip from New Orleans (the week before Hurricane Katrina) to San Francisco, then up to Vancouver, Canada, only to return for the Perth summer.

Basically...oh to be 22 again

Amy's memory: My 21st birthday is an important memory to me because all of my friends and family came down to Canberra to celebrate. It was especially special because my grandma that I hadn't seen in 10 years came over from Hungary for the event. I had a great time and i will always remember my 21st as a great year.
Angeline's memory: I went to Port Douglas with my best friends for a graduation trip last December. This picture was taken just before we went diving in the Great Barrier Reef where we swam with baby sharks! I want to save this memory because I had an awesome time during the trip and it reminds of special friends who have brought so much happiness and laughter into my life <3